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Commissioned work.

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Commissioned work.

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Productive weekend.

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The progression from Return of Chill E. Perkins to Lock. This one is a bit more interesting, because things get mixed up along the way.

Clip 1 - Return of Chill E. Perkins (TRIUMPHANT COMEBACK.xm) - This the intro part from my third original track, made back in 2011.

Clip 2 - A Three-Part Action: Two Beach Despisers (jamforthosewhohatethebeaches.xm) - I actually liked this melody a lot when I first put it down. Later I noticed that it actually meshed well with Clip 1, which led me to…

Clip 3 - Unreleased  Track (Perkins.xm) - A mixture of the two. This was an early version of…

Clip 4 - Return of the Return of (comeback2.xm) - Released in 2012

Clip 5 - Lock (beach1.xm) - My most recent track. The first portion of this clip is almost directly from clip 2. In this track as a whole, I tried to get back the more dissonant feel from Clip 2. I think I did so successfully.

Anyway that’s all. I hope this gave insight into how I work. Or maybe it makes no sense. I will let you all decide!

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Greetings, folks.

Here is a little insight on how I recycle melodies in my tracks to revisit them in different ways. This audio clip contains chunks of different versions of a melody which eventually became the ending portion for PHALANX II. The purpose of this post is to document the progression of the melody since 2012. Some channels are removed to highlight the melody itself.

I’ll be doing one more post like this soon.

Clip 1 and 2 - from Liana Climber (jungle lake5.xm)

Clip 3 - from Phalanx (rab.xm), Phalanx was a new song, but I used that part for the end as a callback.

Clip 4 - from PHALANX II (fl32.xm)

The man returns once with another track. Don’t spend all your time on one thing. Be well-rounded. Involve yourself in numerous activities. Expand outside of your comfort zone. Follow these directions and your life will become more robust, and you may even find happiness.

I hope you guys will enjoy this one. It is called Lock. It is a song about going to the beach. Based off an old one:
Thank you for listening.

buttercup - beached whale
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Blast from the past.
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butter - d-fens(excerpt)
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pee pee

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wip. revisiting phalanx. just when you thought it was safe.